Old Home Pottery

"Throw" Back

Where it all started

Welded kiln frame, 1988

Bricking and welding, 1988

Layers of refractory insulation

Kiln door being bricked up

Kiln walls waiting for the arch top

Kiln roof catenary arch

Before the first firing

Before the first firing

One of the first loads of pottery; about all bowls

Gina Hutchinson: my future wife and the mother of my children

Laboratory testing of a new forced air burner system, after switching the kiln from natural gas to propane more air was needed. So I used some soup cans and a bathroom blower fan. All I can say is I wish I would have gotten some pictures of these when they were burning.

Talk about blue jet flame..

Left: Before firing to 2300°

Right: After firing to 2300°

What are those colored sticks?

About 15 years ago

Alex Pratton, all grown up now

About half the glazes I work with these days. All formulated by me.